Still Life

Still life compositions allow me to play with design and lighting in an intimate way. When I’m outside I love to pick up things…beach and trail detritus, treasures, rocks, seeds, twigs… Of course, the shapes and organic forms of fruits and vegetables have been amazing fodder for painters for centuries…juicy, round and oval, plump, soft, hard and shiny. I’m intrigued with them too…the way light plays on and off of their surfaces. These “props” find their way into my paintings, with different things attracting me on different days. Sometimes it’s a memory of a place, combined with seeing those bits and pieces as I walk by them in my studio or it’s the way the light is hitting an object, and I want to paint it.



If you would like to purchase a painting please contact me. You can also contact me if you have a question or a comment.   I can ship easily within the US or arrange a studio visit if you would like to see the work.   I look forward to hearing from you!

Teri Capp Art


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