Being there…”Senssurround”

“Coast kelp – Hobuck beach”      acrylic on canvas     6″ x 8″

One of the northern-most places in the contiguous U.S.  ~  Hobuck beach on the Makah Indian reservation. On the edge of the landscape stroked, bruised and burnished by the Pacific ocean.

I’ve been lucky enough to make my way out there several times in my life. Once you make it to the Olympic Peninsula, patience is required to travel on the winding, slow and narrow Strait of Juan de Fuca Hwy or State Route 112. Camping adventures, even if it’s mid August can mean mist and rain and sun and clouds of many colors…sand in every crevice of any available opening…all in one day!

This small painting came from being burned in my memory…worked out with cropping tools of the photograph on my computer. A pencil sketch formed and finally the painting! Though completed this fall, this painting formed in my mind a few years ago. That’s how it works sometimes.

Kelp at low tide, food and fodder for many other living organisms. This was late morning and post storm, so the light was still a strange mix of darkness with light breaking through.

Organic and sensuous in its form, I loved the shapes and colors of the kelp laying around on the expanses of sand.

This piece, along with others of mine are hanging in the Gage Academy Holiday Small Works Show until December 8th, 2017. Tomorrow, Saturday is a big open house, art work sale and Drawing Jam!! If you are in Seattle in the Capitol Hill neighborhood…go! 30% of the sales go to support the great programs of Gage Academy all year.

This piece is $90.

Here is another painting that is from Hobuck beach on the Pacific coast.

“WA coast surf” painting in progress on my easel

We have camped with a friend who is a surfer and brings several boards. Out into the surf to give it a try…makes you feel alive and vulnerable at the same time on the Washington coast.

I loved the energy and reflections and shapes of some of my photographs from this day, surfing with friends…so figured out a composition and made this small painting. It is hanging in the Gage show too.


“WA coast surf” acrylic on canvas panel 6″ x 8″ finished  $85


One more small painting from the Pacific coast. From a different trip to Rialto beach and Mora campground in Olympic National Park. This place never fails to deliver with wild, unpredictable weather, fantastic waves and surf, magical light and mystery in and out of the shoreline.

This wild coastline is another place that has filled my life with the resources from which to draw when I feel depleted or trapped in the concrete jungle of the city. Our family’s experiences there are multi-generational and cover the span of decades. Life’s fabric woven together by our making, and all of the stories of the people that precede us in that wild, loved, lived-in landscape.


“Stacks – Rialto Beach”       acrylic on gessoed paper      6″x 9″     $85

Enjoy! If you’re interested, let me know. If you can make it to Gage Academy for the show, even better.

©Teri Capp – all rights reserved

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