Places to land…”life force”


“Late fog – Colonel’s house”     acrylic on canvas    10″x 20″

A painting completed this summer…of a place that is, wind, sand, water and sun. Long days of joy-filled exhaustion – it is a place that has filled my soul, spirit and body for decades. We need places like this more than ever.

This place, on the central west side of Whidbey Island…a beach that feels the energy of nature every day. The rip tides and currents churn and tumble the saltwater at the intersection of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Admiralty Inlet and the inland waters of Puget Sound. A place of hunker down…hang-on-to-your-hat wind !! …or a place of serene, summer calm. This beach, a place I have returned to over and over feels like home.

This painting is available. I’m happy to work out a studio visit if you are local. Please inquire at

©Teri Capp   All rights reserved.


  1. Terri, I think this is my most favorite of all your paintings to date. It is deeply emotive for me….not easy to explain in words but it is wonderful. I love what you have done with the colors too. AC

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