“vignoble de juillet”  (vines in July)  16×20,  acrylic – framed

From its place on the wall at Le Panier French Bakery in Seattle’s Pike Place Market…I am happy that this piece sold and recently flew to a new home!

I have hung another piece that is soft pastel on Arches cover titled “terre au Sault.”  This is a piece where I painted some of the parts of the place. Some elements of the story, as I saw it and felt it. The old stone houses and the cypress trees that practically walk and talk with their animated shapes. And the cicadas of summer…buzzing so that you can barely get a word in.

“terre au Sault”    soft pastel on paper,   22″x 30″    matted and framed

This terrain…this terroir, where the contours of the hills are drawn with lavender, is southern France in July. We drove and stopped, drove and stopped…getting out to be blown in the hot wind and fill our noses and lungs with the overwhelming scent of the summer plant of the Vaucluse. The town and area of Sault is high in the hills near Mont Ventoux. It’s an area I have been many times to “just be” and to study and paint and live. History, people, landscape and light pull me back…and of course cheese.

A bit of the process; I taped off the large piece of Arches cover paper and outlined the large main image, measured and taped off the small “parts of the story” and sketched those images. After I was finished using the soft pastels, which are very volatile and smudge easily, I removed all of the tape to reveal the clean lines of the finished piece. All the images of the piece are on one piece of paper.

It is matted and framed with a dark espresso wood frame.

If you are in Seattle, it is on display at Le Panier French Bakery in Pike Place Market.

If you are interested in my work please contact me. It is in my Available Work page.

©Teri Capp   All rights reserved.

One comment

  1. Teri, I am glad it sold. It is a beautiful piece. I love your lavender field. You must keep painting….you have so much to give. We enjoy our Ff. Casey beach every day of our lives..We are so proud of you. AC and UP


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