Ready for this day!

Porch View”           acrylic painting in progress,     5″x 7″


Oh! All praise to this earth today!

After days…turned into weeks, of rain – feeling heavy and soaked and colorless.  I thought I couldn’t take one more day of clouds that hovered so low; as though they sat on my brow and wouldn’t lift.

Then came today! This day in mid-March. The gift of the sun and a spring wind – buds, branches, shoots and twigs all stood up and showed their colors. The Olympic mountains lifted their snowy shoulders toward the blue and the sun…beacons of our shared wealth in this territory of Puget Sound. Free for all to see, feel and ponder.

We were ready for this!

The “painting in progress” above is another in the group on which I’m working, from Whidbey Island. If there is not enough sun in Seattle, I can at least bring some into my studio in a painting! I’m working from sketches and photographs made on a summer day…many summer days, while sitting on the one-hundred-year-old porch of the Officer’s house where our family stays at Camp Casey. So much life shared, so many stories told in the line-up of chairs perched on that porch. Fog rolling across in the morning, blowing out in the afternoon, with the glorious winds of summer, to clear views of water and mountains. It never gets old.

There has also been a lot of time spent in and around the tree in the left part of the painting. It has framed that view, stood as sentinel and landmark, for all of our years spent on the porch…it would be strange if it were gone.

Here is a sketch of “Porch View.”  The painting is on gessoed paper, taped down on my masonite backboard. I’m working some of these out to see which ones I want to paint in a larger format.  Parts and pieces.

“Porch View” graphite sketch, 4.5″x6″


If you have questions or are interested in my work let me know.  You can reach me at

©Teri Capp  All Rights Reserved


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