A Pause…

I have taken a short break from my Namibia Portfolio paintings to look at some different work. I felt the need to organize and finish and re-photograph some smaller still life paintings in my studio. I knew what I wanted to do to some of them…lingering decisions about a few compositions and heightening the color and contrast in a couple of others. The crab shells, that I love so much were not singing to me…more color and more paint…much better result! The peaches were painted again too and feeling much juicier and rich after we spent more time together. A few of them needed to be photographed again, so my husband set up his lights and helped me with that job.

I am much happier with them now! So I put together a new page on my blog. (See the Still Life tab at the top).

Here are the two paintings with gems and bits from my many beach hikes.

They are for sale separately, but I realized how good they look together and I am offering them for a bit less for the pair. Enjoy!



Please contact me if you are interested. I’m glad to set up an appointment for you to come and see them in my studio!                                                                      These also can be shipped.

Teri Capp


Tel: 206.329.4750



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