Another day, another attempt

We are now up in a rural, sparsely inhabited place in northwest Namibia…the town of Uis. It is at the base of Brandberg Mountain, that has the tallest summit in the country. We’re here to hike and explore some of the ancient rock painting art found in the hills here. We’re camping at Brandberg Rest camp where they have wi-fi in the 1950’s era lodge.

We had yet another bone jarring drive across 230 kilometres of main highway (translate to somewhat graded gravel road), after two busy days in the Atlantic coast town of Swakopmund and surrounds. PInk flamingos, in Walvis Bay, galleries, arts and crafts centre, half a day sandboarding on the dunes outside of town!!! Yes…sandboarding…you use snowboarding gear but you do it on the sand. I actually did it! Amazing experience. Zara loved it too.

The days before arriving on the coast were spent in an otherwordly place of the tallest red sand dunes on earth. An area called Sossusvlei. I canhardly put into words what it felt like to be there. It is called the “fog desert” because of the strange sandy haze that acan hang in the air and makes the most amazing atmosphere and range of colors on the dunes and the valley below. We were up at dark, before the sun rose each day to drive into the park and hike the dunes as the sun came up. BAck to camp to hang out for a few hours in the early afternoon and then back into the dunes for the late afternoonn light and sunset. We pushed our time on a hike way into the park….with a 45 minute drive ahead of us to make it to the gate by 6:15. We had to capture the last light….drove as dusk settled in the valley and made it to the gate to find it locked. One car in front of us and one came behind and we had to find the keeper and plead and apologize while

he chastized us for not respecting the Namibian government. He gave us a hard time, but I think he was enjoying watching us squirm a bit.

The owner of the lodge and campsite just turned off the lights, so it’s time for me to call it a day too.

signing off from Namibia…

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